And The Results Are In…Drum Roll Please!

Last night’s event surpassed any expectation that I had imagined. WE RAISED $6,730 DOLLARS!!! I’m not even entirely comfortable giving you all that exact number, because we still have some funds rolling in.  I’m guessing that we will probably be able to say that the silent auction raised around $7,000.

We were surrounded by long time friends, family, friends of friends, co-workers, patrons, and the wonderful people of Iron Fist Brewing Co. I tried to take a minute to glance around and really take in the moment. What I saw and heard were long-lost friends sharing a pint, family members reminiscing, stories about connections to ALS and dealing with illness, hugs and tears of sadness about my dad, guests chatting about wanting to remember to live in moment, and loads of people having a grand old-time browsing and bidding. It felt warm and mostly importantly, genuine.

When I was first thinking about having the event, Iron Fist immediately popped into my mind because it is a place I enjoy going with friends for the mellow, family vibe that their place offers. Having our event inside the walls of a business that operates under the notion of family, love and connection of people just tied the whole event together like the biggest, most beautiful velvet ribbon.

Brian, Michelle, Kate & Matt, Jill, Sarah & Brent, Kim & Mike, Trudy, and Meredith…just writing your names down, brings tears to my eyes. You all made our function work like a well oiled machine. You put up with me through the planning of all of this and stuck by my side till the very end. Thank you for your loyalty to my family and for your unconditional friendship.

To all of you that came by the event, bought raffle tickets, purchased items, donated cash, mailed checks, or simply offered your support, the collective result of your actions will be providing my parents with a MAJOR sense of comfort and help during a time that they need it most. You are all loved and appreciated.

Thanks to my friend, Jenn Stewart for freeing me of a camera for once in my life by taking pictures for me. The first words out of Brian this morning had to do with our sister-in-law, Sarah, rocking the megaphone last night. She will never live that one down and I’m so happy it is recorded below! Enjoy!


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  1. Dottie & Jerry

    So glad to be part of the fundraiser for your Mom and Dad. You all have our love and prayers. Wonderful amount and I know more is coming. We will be there for you all, whereever, whenever.
    Dottie and Jerry

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